GNVQ Science Intermediate Assignments

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The Nuffield Science in Practice file of Intermediate Assignments began with a study guide. This was a compilation of short tasks covering the full range required for each of the four mandatory units. The tasks were designed to help students check that they have understood the content and to prepare for tests.

The bulk of the pack then provided 47 assignments, in vocational contexts, which allowed in-depth study and compilation of evidence covering both science and core-skill performance criteria. Several of the assignments were appropriate for the induction phase at the start of a course.

Each assignment was provided with a front sheet giving an outline of the task or tasks. Outline assignments consist solely of this cover sheet, backed up with 'Tutor notes'. Fuller assignments included not just the front sheet and 'Tutor notes' but additional ingredients such as structured task sheets, details of practical procedures, information sheets, exemplar material, and data sheets.

General notes for tutors
GNVQ Science handouts
Study guides

Unit 1: Working on scientific tasks

Unit 2: Investigate living things
*Element 2.1: Investigate organisms in their environment
*Element 2.2: Investigate the properties of solid materials and their uses
*Element 2.3: Establish the composition of a substance

Unit 3: Make useful products
*Element 3.1: Obtain a product from cultivated plants
*Element 3.2: Obtain a pure product by chemical reaction
*Element 3.3: Construct and test a device

Unit 4: Monitor and control systems
*Element 4.1: Monitor the performance of tasks by the human body
*Element 4.2: Monitor and control chemical reactions
*Element 4.3: Monitor and control the performance of a physical device

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