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Nuffield Science Calculations

This Nuffield Foundation publication was prepared to help students master the calculations involved in GCSE Science courses. The book is divided up into a series individual topics. Each topic is presented in three parts.

  • A summary of the ideas students need to know, including any important formulas.
  • Worked examples, to show students how to tackle problems in a step-by-step way.
  • Questions to solve. The first questions in each topic are straightforward, but they become gradually more difficult.


  • Physics Calculations Motion Machines Electricity Matter
  • Chemistry Calculations Using symbols How much matter? How much gas? How much electrolysis? How much energy? How fast?
  • Biology Calculations Environment Inheritance and selection Data analysis
  • Answers Physics Chemistry Biology
  • Reference Section Proton numbers and approximate relative atomic masses Names and formulas of some common ions Energy needed to break bonds

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