Handling Data 4

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This level seven book, from the Nuffield National Curriculum Mathematics series, was suitable for students following an intermediate GCSE course. It has nine units of work on handling data, each with information, questions and activities. The units, which are in short sections, have detailed content descriptions at the top of each page. These descriptions are also summarised in the students’ book contents list.

The units are:
How typical (median and mean)
Getting it together (grouped data)
Right questions, right answers
Using frequency polygons
How typical is typical (range and outliers)
A good fit (lines of best fit)
It’s all relative (relative frequencies)
Almost the real thing (experiments and random numbers)
A good combination

The accompanying [b]Assessment and resource pack[/b] has teaching notes, charts outlining the National Curriculum Programmes of Study and GCSE coverage, revision sheets and answers. The assessment section includes diagnostic questions, an assessment guide for the open ended activities and record sheets.

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