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Mathematics: Non-Statutory Guidance

The National Curriculum Council (NCC) published non-statutory guidance to support the teaching of mathematics in the National Curriculum in 1989, and again in 1991, to accompany the first revision of the National Curriculum.

Non-statutory Guidance 1989
*The guidance materials for mathematics were written to provide a reference for teachers in planning and implementing the National Curriculum.
*They were not intended as a comprehensive guide to all the issues schools needed to consider in implementing the National Curriculum but intended to complement the advice and guidance provided by Local Authorities.
*They provided a number of starting points for staff discussion and planning especially as effective delivery of the National Curriculum would require schools to move through a cycle of planning, implementing and evaluating.
*The materials were written and edited by teachers and others concerned with mathematical education.

There are six sections in the guidance
A. Introduction to mathematics in the National Curriculum
B. Translating programmes of study into policy and practice
C. Progression and continuity
D. Using and applying mathematics
E. Pupils doing calculations
F. Mathematics in the Curriculum

Non statutory Guidance 1991
The 1991 revision of National Curriculum mathematics resulted in fewer attainment targets (ATs) and statements of attainment (SoA). The purpose of this guidance, which was prepared in collaboration with SEAC, was to help teachers implement the revised curriculum. It sought to:
• explain the changes that were made to the attainment targets and the statements of attainment
• help teachers revise their planning, particularly with regard to improving progression
• provide details of the strands that describe how the main ideas develop across the
National Curriculum levels
• guide teachers in the use of the new SoA in assessment and record keeping

In AT1 which replaced ATs 1 and 9 of the 1989 Order, the revision provided an opportunity to review progression and clarify the relationship between AT1 and the other ATs. In doing so, account was taken of research evidence and experience gained in teaching the 1989 Order, as reported in responses to NCC's consultation.

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