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STEM Fairs: Guidance and Tools

These guidance resources are provided by the British Science Association, with support from Intel Education. They give guidance that includes both attending a STEM fair and running an event. There are three sections:

Getting started
* Comparing festivals - a checklist to help identify potential fairs for students to visit.
* Brainstorming ideas - a process to help students identify STEM projects to exhibit at a fair.
* Fundraising - gaining financial support for hosting a fair.

Planning your visit or event
* Project plan for a STEM fair - checklist and skills audit to prepare an event.
* Gaining support - identifying volunteers to help with a STEM fair.
* All the fun of the fair - tried and tested ideas for quick and easy science games.
* Methods for selecting students - how to focus an event.
* Let the countdown begin - quick checklist for organisers a few weeks before an event
* Creating awards and certificates - generate awards or customise templates.

Your evidence base
* Evaluation - collecting formative data to improve events and funding bids.
* Writing up a visit - thoughts on recording a visit to a STEM fair.

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