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STEM Fairs: Interviews

Provided by the British Science Association, with support from Intel Education, these resources provide an insight into a range of activities involved in organising and taking part in STEM fairs. They include contributions from a teacher taking part in STEM competitions, a STEM Ambassador and students exhibiting their British Science Association CREST competition entries.

Interviews include the following:
* Abdurrahman and Daniel - Year 8 students organising their own STEM fair
* Aysha Waheed - student and CREST award exhibitor
* Sarah Benham - student and CREST award exhibitor
* Kevin Burke - regional STEMNET Director
* Jo Christopher - chemistry teacher on science clubs and STEM competitions
* Hattie Jones - student and CREST award exhibitor
* Ellie Chambers - Young People's Programme Officer, British Science Association
* Andrew Day - STEM Ambassador from Manchester Creative Academy

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