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Energy Resources

This Nuffield Pathways Through Science module provides a programme of activities designed to help students to appreciate that current ways of supplying the energy needs of society are not sustainable. The module is presented in six episodes:
En 1: What are the issues?
En 2: Energy for heating
En 3: How can we heat our homes more effectively?
En 4: Energy efficiency
En 5: How can we produce electricity?
En 6: What are the solutions?

*Study Guide – to help teachers and students with planning, record keeping and revision.
*Activities – 62 sides of copiable activities as the basis for a differentiated programme of learning
*Commentary - offering hints and answers. When in difficulty students could get help from the commentary; if their experiment went wrong they could find sample results; if they were absent they could discover the outcomes of the activities they had missed.
*Sourcebook – a highly-illustrated and diverse source of information, explanations and stories. The Sourcebook complemented the activities. Some activities were served directly by features in the Sourcebook. Other features help to set the episodes of the module in context. Some activities directed students to a specific page or feature. More challenging activities required students to scan more of the pages in search of the information they need.
*Teachers’ Guide – with notes on teaching strategies and technical information about all the activities

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