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Computers and Young Children

Computers and young children, written in 1970 for the Nuffield Mathematics Project, took the stance that the computer was 'the most important scientific advancement' at the time; and that the explosively expanding effect of computers on so many aspects of our lives made it important that all members of our interdependent society should have some understanding of their capabilities.

The authors felt that an early introduction to the principles on which a computer works would prevent the misconceptions which many people had and, as part of his or her general education, every student should become aware of the capabilities and limitations of computers, and of the effects they will have on society.

There is no attempt in this book to give the age for which each particular part of the work is appropriate. Chapter 2 begins with work that is suitable for children at the lower end of the primary school. The end of the book deals with work that is appropriate for pupils at the top end of the primary school and the first years of the secondary school.

Activities covering flow charts, ‘human’ computers, writing programs and working with real computers are included.

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