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Shape and Size

These Nuffield Mathematics Project guides focus on shape and size. Shape and size 2 is the first guide from the Nuffield Project to be concerned with shape and size although there was some preliminary material in Beginnings. The guide has three sections: a general introduction, ideas and topics suggested for primary schools and a detailed account of how some of these ideas can be put into practice. It shows how geometrical concepts can be developed from the play stage in Beginnings to give a clearer idea of what volume, area, horizontal and symmetry really mean. Shape and size 3 continues the geometrical work started in Shape and size 2 by first summarising the ideas and activities before amplifying them in this guide. Examination of two dimensional shapes leads on to angles, symmetry and patterns, and links up with the more arithmetical and algebraic ideas. Three dimensional ideas include polyhedra, nets and Euler’s theorem. The guide concludes with a comprehensive look at transformations.

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