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Computation and Structure

These guides from the Nuffield Mathematics Project follow on from the Beginnings guide. They deal mainly with number but also cover weights and measures. In Computation and structure 2, the concept of number is further developed. A section on the history of natural numbers and weights and measures (imperial and pre decimal) leads on to the operation of addition. Ideas for the classroom on place value, different number bases, odd and even numbers, the application of number strips and number squares are illustrated through examples of students’ work. Computation and structure 3 is mainly concerned with operations on numbers. It suggests an abundance of ways of introducing students to multiplication so that they will understand what they are doing, rather than simply following rules. It does, however, differ from other guides in that the work is illustrated with structured experiences to give the reinforcement of understanding of the operations involved. Number patterns, factors and primes are also covered. The main concern in Computation and structure 4 is with the introduction of the integers { .... -3. -2. -1.0, +1. +2, +3 .... }. The guide builds up the idea of the integers in terms of ordered pairs of numbers before introducing the number line and other applications: this lays a sound foundation for operations on integers. It ends with a short section on large numbers and indices. Graphs leading to algebra links to Computation and structure, introducing coordinates leading to graphs of inequalities and open sentences.

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