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The work suggested in this Nuffield Working with Science unit encourages the students to start thinking about efficiency by presenting them with some problems which are a familiar part of their daily lives. They are asked to investigate problems which have been chosen to give them experience of a variety of experimental designs, some of which may be unfamiliar. The conclusions which they can draw from their findings will depend on the conditions in which the experiment was carried out. Students looking for the security of the 'right answer' have to learn to take responsibility for their own results.

Guidance for teachers and technicians appears in Teachers’ Notes A.

The unit was revised and republished for the CPVE edition of the project in the 1980s. Guidance for this version appears in the Tutors’ Handbook.

Section 1: The efficiency of school or college organisation
Section 2: Comparing the efficiency of the performance of Pozidriv and ordinary screws
Section 3: Increasing the efficiency of athletic performance
Section 4: Automatic devices
Section 5: Working conditions and efficiency
Section 6: Efficiency of memory
Section 7: Improving efficiency in industry and business efficiency and ways of improving it

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