Fun Maths Roadshow Activities

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These resources have been provided by the Liverpool Mathematical Society. They are part of The FunMaths Roadshow collection of 350 mathematical activities, the first 100 of which were developed to celebrate the centenary of the Liverpool Mathematical Society in 1999. A further 250 have been developed subsequently.

Turtle walk (Activity 1) Years 3 and 4
Students have to move a turtle around a square grid using instructions giving direction and distance. Counting and the concept of turn are both developed in this activity.

Leap frog (Activity 31) Year 6
This is an investigation into the number of moves required for three green frogs to change places with three red frogs by obeying a set of rules which allow a frog to leap over one of a different colour or to slide along a space.

Ordering the milk (Activity 38) Year 6
This is a problem solving activity where students have to place 6 bottles in a 5x3 crate so that there is an even number of bottles in each row and an even number of bottles in each column.

Court Sudoku (Activity 89) Year 8
This is a variation of Sudoku using a 4x4 grid and a set of royal playing cards. Students place their cards on the grid so that each row, each column and each of the four corner blocks of four contains one card of each suit.

P + S + V (Activity 94) Year 8
An activity where students use a set of twelve solid pentominoes that have to be fitted together to form a 5x3x4 block, using the clues given in the form of equations which relate to the number of cubes on each layer.

Days of the week (Activity 101) Year 9
Students have to work out which days of the week fell on certain dates using the information given.

Metalwork (Activity 138) Year 10
A problem solving task in which five double links of chain have to be joined together for the least amount of money.

Rolling stone (Activity 204) Years 11/12
A block of stone is being rolled along the ground on cylindrical logs on its way from West Wales to Stonehenge. How far will the stone have moved when each of the logs has made one whole revolution?

Skyscrapers (Activity 265) Year 9 and above
Laura is in a small city of sixteen skyscrapers. She makes a note of how many skyscrapers she can see in a straight line from where she is standing looking across the city. Students have to arrange model skyscrapers to show Laura's cityscape.

Cuby bears (Activity 273) Year 9 and above.
This activity explores surface area to volume ratio in the context of a problem involving bears. Do you expect polar bears living in the Arctic to be bigger than sun bears that inhabit lowland tropical rainforests?

Saturday job (Activity 276) Year 9
Students have to make a decision between two hypothetical jobs based on wages and travelling time.

Check your distance (Activity 299) Year 9
A speed, distance, time problem based on car safety distances.

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