Teachers Evaluating and Assessing Mathematics (TEAM): Section 1 - Students' Work (2)

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Eight more examples of students’ work from a wide range of ages and attainment, produced by the Mathematics Centre at the University of Chichester. They are accompanied by appropriate questions and activities all of which illustrate some characteristics of the type of work the project sought to promote.

Each activity begins with the ‘starter’ that teachers were expected to work through, identifying some possible directions that they thought students might take.

Tiles Using square tiles with a simple design that can be fitted together to obtain a variety of symmetrical patterns.

Aeroplanes A project on photographing aeroplanes taking off and landing. Part of a Maths for the Eighties course.

Arithmagons Solving a particular type of number puzzle using algebra.

Discs Finding the numbers written on two sides of two discs given the totals that can be made.

Fibonacci sequences Investigating number patterns in the context of paying for car parking.

Growing your own vegetables A project comparing the advantages and disadvantages of growing your own vegetables.

Keeping a horse Costing a hobby, in this case keeping a horse.

3U + 2T Investigating a rule for producing number chains.

The first set of examples of students' work and a variety of activities to develop mathematical skills can be found here.

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