Genes, genomes and health *suitable for home teaching*

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Published by the Wellcome Trust, the 'Big Picture' explores issues around biology and medicine.

In recent years, great progress has been made in genome sequencing and understanding the huge amount of data produced. Our genes play a key part in making us who we are, but how can science help us understand our genetic identity? What can be done with this information? What should be done with this information?

Mind-boggling progress has been made in our ability to sequence a genome accurately and quickly, and in our ability to process and understand the huge amount of data that sequencing produces. What do these developments mean for each of us – our health, our identity, and the world we live in – now and in the future?

Materials include an overview of the human genome, the development of DNA sequencing and the genetic basis of disease. The resource then looks at some of the ethical issues connected with genetic testing, such as how the appropriate use of the information should be regulated.

The activities are suitable for students following courses in biology, science in society, health and also cross-curricular themes such as citizenship.

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