Planning Learning: Samina's session

This Standards Unit: Improving Learning in Mathematics video shows a level 2 Free Standing Mathematics Qualification session on estimation of length and standard form with learners in an inner city FE College.

In this session you will be able to hear Samina set the context for the session, see four excerpts from the session itself and hear Samina and her learners' reflections on the session and the learning that has taken place.

This session is Estimating length using standard form in the 'Materials Mostly Number Materials' section.

What opportunities are there for the learning to be assessed? How do you think this assessment is used to shape what follows?

How does Samina use feedback to encourage the learners?

What strategies does Samina use to maintain the interest of the group?

What strategies does Samina use to encourage the learners to review their learning?

Samina uses the learners' own experience as a resource in the session. How does this help the learning and what issues need to be taken into account when planning sessions that use this approach?

The activities and questions used are designed to encourage learners to articulate their own interpretations of the mathematics. What strategies does Samina use to move this learning on? How might these be followed up in future sessions?

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