Planning Learning: Diane's session

This Standards Unit: Improving Learning in Mathematics video shows an A level mathematics session on functions with learners in a tertiary college.

Diane designed her own activities for the session using the approaches exemplified in this resource.

You will be able to hear Diane set the context for the session, see four excerpts from the session itself and hear Diane and her learners' reflections on the experience and the learning that has taken place.

In the session Diane uses whole group questioning. What types of questions does she ask? What are the advantages of this strategy?

There are points in the session where Diane deviates from her plan in order to address issues that become apparent through the responses of the learners. How does she deal with these situations?

What strategies does Diane employ to encourage learners to take responsibility for their own learning so that correct solutions are something that belong to everyone, not just the teacher or trainer?

How do the activities in this session help to meet the range of learner needs in the group?

What did Diane want to achieve through this session? What strategies did she employ to achieve these goals?

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