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Are You a Good Scientist?

An Institute of Physics resource to act as a stimulus for teaching about the nature of science ('How Science Works'). It consists of a poster and questions that highlight safe and ethical approaches to scientific work.

It is hoped that this resource will be useful in preparing students for courses where there is a focus on understanding the processes of science, but it may also be useful in helping students understand the importance of behaving ethically in terms of their own work.

The idea arose as part of work that was done in developing a Code of Conduct for members of the Institute of Physics. You might find the code itself useful for extension work:

The resource includes:

*a poster that could be a useful contrast to some of the safety posters that are used with younger students with a questionnaire and mark sheet;

*a questionnaire for students (PDF and Word formats);

*a mark sheet for students;

*a set of teachers' notes gives a commentary on the answers to the questions and the Institute of Physics Code of Conduct;

*a PowerPoint version of the questions, which may make it easier to promote discussion.

Please note that for some questions there may not be a right or a wrong answer – the intention is to generate useful discussion.

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