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Financial capability - progressing through key stage 3

This Financial Capability document was produced by CCEA (Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment) and is designed to provide guidance to teachers in Northern Ireland when teaching Financial Capability at key stage 3 and key stage 4.

The delivery of financial capability is a statutory component of the Northern Ireland curriculum (Mathematics with Financial Capability), however this is a non-statutory guidance document.

The guide is aimed at teachers of key stage 3 mathematics and Learning for Life and Work (LLW). Those teaching Home Economics and Employability should find this guidance useful as financial capability features significantly in the statutory requirements of those subjects. However, teachers of all subjects may find this document useful as it demonstrates learning intentions and activities that could be used within a range of subjects across the Northern Ireland curriculum.

The guidance is divided into two parts (Learning Intention Grids, and Exemplar Financial Capability Activities) and focuses on seven key topics within financial capability.

These topics are:

• Income, employment and self-Employment

• Government taxation and spending

• Banking and financial services

• Managing daily spending

• Planning for future financial needs

• Changing prices of goods and services

• Currency exchange and foreign travel

Within the seven topics progression is demonstrated within three connected themes, financial knowledge and understanding, financial skills and competence, financial attitudes and responsibility.

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