GMC1: Measuring with precision

This list contains a collection of resources to help meet General Mathematical Competency 1 (GMC1). More resources to support T level Science can be found on our T Level science resource packages page.

GMC1 states:

Students should appreciate the need for standard units, be aware of the international system of units (SIs) used in science.

  • ampere (A) - electric current
  • candela (cd) - luminous intensity
  • kelvin (K) - temperature
  • kilogram (kg) - mass
  • metre (m) - length
  • mole (mol) - amount of substance
  • second (s) - time

Students need to convert between units:

  • millimetres to metres
  • milligrams to grams
  • millilitres to litre

Students should choose appropriate equipment to measure accurate results for the following scales:

  • kilo (for example, balance)
  • milli (for example, analytical balance)
  • micro (for example, micrometer)
  • nano (for example, atomic clock)

Students should know  the definitions of:

  • density - mass per unit volume
  • pressure - force per unit area
  • fluid - a substance that is capable of flowing, with no fixed shape
  • viscosity - a measure of resistance (internal friction) of a fluid (for example

Students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the accuracy and precision that is required in microscopy techniques