Position and Direction

This collection of resources supports the teaching of Position and Direction in primary mathematics. These activities are linked to the year groups containing the corresponding content in the National Curriculum. 




Here are some favourite activities selected by the NRICH team.

  • Tangram Tangle (Y1) If you split the square into these two pieces, it is possible to fit the pieces together again to make a new shape. How many new shapes can you make?

  • School Fair Necklaces (Y2) How many possible necklaces can you find? And how do you know you've found them all?

  • Eight HIdden Squares (Y4) On the graph there are 28 marked points. These points all mark the vertices (corners) of eight hidden squares. Can you find the eight hidden squares?

  • Transformations on a Peg Board (Y5) How would you move the bands on the pegboard to alter these shapes?

  • Coordinate Tan (Y6)  What are the coordinates of the coloured dots that mark out the tangram? Try changing the position of the origin. What happens to the coordinates now?

These are just a few of the activities on Position and Direction that you can find on the NRICH curriculum pages.




The activities below, taken from the STEM Learning website, complement the NRICH activities above.