Electromagnetic fields

  • force on a straight wire and force on a moving charge in a uniform field
  • flux and electromagnetic induction: concept and definition
  • Faraday’s and Lenz’s laws
  • emf equals rate of change of magnetic flux linkage

Within this list you will find a variety of different resources to help construct teaching sequences for the topic of electromagnetism. Students will have come across some of the ideas at GCSE, but there is an increased quantitative aspect to this topic at A level and it is important that students are familiar with the idea of the electromagnetic fields.

In particular this list is useful to those looking for practical ideas and opportunities that allow students to explore the topic of electromagnetism for themselves. There are also links to contexts to teach electromagnetism in. It is useful if students realise the Earth is a magnetic field. There can therefore be natural phenomena as a result of this, such as the aurora, and some exam questions may ask about phenomena like the eddie currents in aeroplane wings.

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