Fuel cells and biofuels

This list provides resources which explore the use of biofuels and hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Hydrogen is considered a ‘clean’ fuel compared with carbon-based fuels such as petrol or diesel because only water is produced. Hydrogen fuel cells are especially appealing in urban areas, where electric buses and cars that run on fuel cell power are becoming gradually more common..

There are ethical issues surrounding the use of biofuels which can be used as topics of discussion with students. For example, the use of crops that could be used to feed people being used to provide the raw materials for biofuels - students could discuss how this could cause food shortages or an increase in the price of food.

Other economic issues surrounding the use of biofuels include:

Human resources - more people are needed to produce biofuels than are needed to produce petrol and diesel

Increased income - for farmers

Lower fuel prices - biofuels limit the demand for fossil fuels, helping to reduce increases in fuel prices.

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