Year 5: Animals, including humans

This list consists of lesson plans, activities and video clips to support the teaching of Animals, including humans at Year Five. It contains tips on using the resources, suggestions for further use and background subject knowledge. Possible misconceptions are highlighted so that teachers may plan lessons to facilitate correct conceptual understanding. Designed to support the new curriculum programme of study it aims to cover many of the requirements for knowledge and understanding and working scientifically. The statutory requirements are that children are taught to:

• describe the changes as humans develop to old age.

As this topic looks at stages in the lifecycle of a human it could be taught together with the topic Year 5: Living things and their habitats which looks at lifecycles and reproduction.

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Links and Resources

Animals including humans: life explorers

A range of activity ideas from Hamilton Trust. They discuss why living things need to reproduce and look in detail at human life cycle, comparing with other animals. Study physical and emotional changes at puberty. Challenge children to look after a Flour Baby. Research rites of passage throughout human life cycle.

publication year
2010 to 2019

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Hormones and Their Effects

This interactive resource goes well beyond the level required at primary but it is very useful as background knowledge for teachers when looking at the changes experienced during puberty. The section Sex Hormones- Puberty details the changes which occur in the body at puberty and why they happen.

publication year
2000 - 2009

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Animal Gestation Periods

This worksheet compares the gestation periods of various animals. Children complete a table using secondary sources of information which look at gestation period, average number of offspring and the life span of the animal. They then answer questions which look at patterns in the data and go on to predict the length of gestation and number of offspring for different sized animals.

publication year
2010 to 2019

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