Forces: Gears, pulleys, levers and springs

This list contains resources to support the development of pupils' understanding of forces, specifically mechanical devices such as gears, pulleys, levers and springs. This curriculum area is introduced in the programme of study for Year 6 in the draft Primary National Curriculum (2013), and builds on knowledge and understanding developed during Year 2 (programme of study section 'Movement'). 

Science: Programme of study - Year 6 'Forces' (draft February 2013)

Programme of study (statutory requirements)
Pupils should be taught to:
• understand that force and motion can be transferred through mechanical devices such as gears, pulleys, levers and springs.

Notes and guidance (non-statutory)
Pupils might work scientifically by: designing and making a variety of parachutes and carrying out fair tests to determine which designs are the most effective. They might explore resistance in water by making and testing boats of different shapes. They might design and make a simple lever and explore its effects.