Asteroids, meteorites and comets

A collection of resources about asteroids, meteorites and comets.



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Meteorite scientists (7-11)

In this lesson, students will learn about where meteorites come from and the different types of meteorites. They will then use this knowledge to describe the rocks in the lunar loan box and try to work out what they are.

Curriculum links:

  • Observing closely, using simple equipment.
  • ...

Meteorite investigators

In this lesson, students will investigate some of the meteorites and associated rocks in the loan box. They will test them for magnetism, do a visual analysis and measure their mass to calculate the densities of their items. This activity is particularly geared towards getting students to estimate the volume of the...

Our Earth under threat

This activity is designed as a ‘virtual mission’. Students will play the part of Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) scientists to the scenario of a possible asteroid impact with the Earth. By following the story of the mission (led by an automated powerpoint), students will apply their understanding of kinetic energy,...

Armageddon time?

This activity uses the context of asteroids and meteorites, and the film Armageddon, to allow students to explore kinetic energy, momentum, and critical thinking by asking them to establish whether the information presented in the film is correct. 

Curriculum links:

  • Kinetic energy.
  • Unit...