Tim Peake

A selection of resources where you can find out more about British Astronaut Tim Peake and his mission to space. 



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Tim Peake Mission Overview Video

In this interview, Tim Peake discusses the Principia mission. Named after Isaac Newton’s text Naturalis Principia Mathematica, ESA’s Principia mission will be the eighth long-duration mission to the International Space Station.

British astronaut Tim Peake will be launched from Baikonur in Kazakhstan onboard...

This collection supports the Tim Peake Primary Project, containing resources which link to many aspects of the curriculum and to Tim Peake's mission to the International Space Station. Including background information, key subject knowledge and activities for use in the...

Tim Peake Primary Project Evaluation

This report details the external evaluation of ESERO-UK’s Tim Peake Primary Project (TPPP), which ran in 1,400 UK primary schools from 2015-...

The Benefits of Bringing Space to the Classroom

Filmed at the ESERO-UK Secondary Conference, in 2014, this video shows teachers talking about the benefits of attending the conference, networking with other teachers and learning about the different contexts that can be used to teach STEM subjects. The video also features UK European Space Agency astronaut Tim...