Moon camp challenge resources - primary

These primary level resources support the Moon Camp Challenge.



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Mission on the Moon

This activity gives pupils in key stage 2 the opportunity to plan, test and execute a simple mission on the moon. Throughout the session pupils will take it in turns to give commands and to navigate blindly across the lunar surface. Pupils will be taught to understand the importance of clear step by step...

Astro Crops - Growing plants for future space missions

In this Space mission themed activity, pupils will observe how seeds grow into mature plants by tracking the development of three unknown seeds. Pupils will also learn to make scientific observations and record data to track the growth of these plants over time before being given the opportunity to interpret and...

Robotic Arm - Become a space engineer for a day

In this set of two activities pupils will learn about the different functions of bones and muscles, such as the humerus, ulna and metacarpals and understand how the human arm works. They are given the opportunity to use their own ideas to build and test a model robotic arm, with a full understanding of why robotic...

Moon Rover - Building a solar-powered rover

In this set of two activities, pupils identify and compare types of renewable sources of energy, before being encouraged to identify solar energy as one of the best options for powering a lunar rover. Pupils will learn about the environmental conditions on the moon and learn more about the purpose of lunar rovers...