Festival of Archaeology - 13th to 28th July 2024

The Council for British Archaeology's Festival of Archaeology is the UK's biggest annual celebration of archaeology.

This year the theme for the festival is Archaeology and Creativity and the resources in this collection, suitable for both primary and secondary-aged pupils, explore how scientific skills and knowledge, such as chemical analysis of residues in artefacts, can be used to find out how people lived in the past. The resources also demonstrate how processes for conserving and interpreting artefacts can emerge from scientific research and collaboration across many disciplines, from science, history, archaeology and art.



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Feeding Stonehenge

Science on the Western Front

In this Catalyst article the work of archaeologists working on the graves of World War One (WWI) victims is described. The total number of military dead in WWI is estimated at 8.5–10 million. In the mud and confusion, many of the dead did not have proper burials. Many temporary graves were destroyed by later...

Art of conservation

In this unit of work students work together in teams to produce a set of information boards for an exhibition to explain conservation and investigative techniques used to preserve ancient artworks from Pompeii and Herculaneum. The purpose of the unit is to show pupils how processes for conserving and interpreting...