Deaf Awareness Week - 1st to 7th May

This collection of resources includes activities, investigations and articles to explore the concept of sound and hearing.

Pupils investigate the range of human hearing, explore the pitch and frequency of sounds and calculate the wavelength of sounds, they also discover the causes, effects and preventative strategies related to hearing loss and develop a set of survey questions to assess the noisiest places in school.



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Music to the Ears: Designing and Creating a Sound Generator

Aimed at primary level, this resource provides a cross-curricular design and technology project linked to the topic of sound. Children design and make their own simple stringed instrument, so they can make a soundtrack for a movie clip. This enables them to learn and experience properties of sound and discover more...

Balloon speakers

This STEM activity works to develop pupils understanding of how vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to the ear. In this purposeful challenge, pupils will investigate how a balloon can be used as a simple speaker to amplify sound, by blowing up the balloon and listening to how a range of sounds travel...