National Moon Day - 20th July

National Moon day commemorates the day in 1969 when the astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first person to step on the Moon. This was a ground breaking moment for human-kind.

The resources in this list use the Moon to teach about various topics including:

  • the phases of the Moon
  • light and shadows
  • environmental conditions on the Moon
  • lunar eclipses and refraction
  • Measuring the diameter of the Moon

In addition there is a good activity looking at and discussing lunar landing conspiracy theories.



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Landing on the moon - Planning and designing a lunar landing

In this set of activities, students will plan, design, and build a landing module to secure the survival of the crew (in the form of an egg-naut) landing on the Moon. They will explore which factors should be considered when landing on the Moon, in comparison to landing on Earth. In the design of the lunar lander,...