World Space Week - 4th to 10th October 2024

World Space Week is a very popular STEM awareness event and there are a large number of resources available for all age groups. This collection highlights some of the best and more topical resources to provide inspiration for lesson or STEM Club activities.

On the theme of careers, ESERO-UK have a Careers in Space section in their website looking at a variety of roles from professor of astrobiology to apprentice at Airbus; glaciologist to space lawyer.  This can be found by following this link.

In addition, the 'Ask the astronaut' resources in the list is a great series of videos where Tim Peake answers questions like 'Can you have a cup of tea in space?'.

The resources can be filtered by age group.



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Deep Space Diary

The Deep Space Diary resources are a comprehensive series aimed at helping KS2 students find out more about our Solar System, light, colour, infrared and much more. There are six chapters that make up the Deep Space Diary; together they provide over 60 hours learning, but individual activities can also be...

Mars Diary

The Mars Diary resources are a comprehensive series aimed at helping KS2 students find out more about the planet Mars, as well as the challenges and opportunities that will be involved in exploring our Solar System. There are six chapters...

Cooking a Comet

Comets are considered to be time capsules containing information about the conditions of the early Solar System. In order to understand what comets are, where they come from, and their influence on the evolution of Earth, it is necessary to find out what material they contain. This teacher demonstration and student...

Papercraft satellites

This activity has been designed to help pupils understand the different applications of satellites in the field of Earth observation. Scientists use the data collected by these satellites to monitor changes in environments across the planet.

There are three satellites that pupils can build:

  • ...


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