Mars 11-14 years

This collection of resources support learning about STEM subjects using the context of exploring Mars. These activities are particularly suitable for students aged 11-14 years.



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The Mars Challenge secondary school resources are a set of "unplugged" computing resources, aimed at students aged 11 to 14 years old.  The resources are set in the context of the European Space Agency ExoMars mission,...


Roving with Rosalind is an education and outreach project which presents Mars mission based classroom activities for secondary schools as well as activity groups. This collection of resources is funded by the UK Space Agency, and give students the opportunity to complete activities such as deciding a...

Martian Explorers: Design a New Mars Rover

Aimed at the 11-14 age group, this is a unit of six one-hour design and technology lessons to develop an understanding of how systems on exploration robots are combined and collect data. Students are given a design brief to build their own model rover, experientially, to function in simulated Martian conditions....

Deciding Destinations KS3

The premise of this activity is that the school is sending a rover to Mars. Its mission is to search for evidence that life has ever existed there. The class must decide where the rover should land on Mars. They will do this by working in groups and investigating six potential  landing sites and weighing up the...