KS2 Digital Literacy

These six lessons and activities introduce students to digital literacy and how to keep safe online. This includes two sessions of personal information and authorised access, creating secure passwords, illegal downloading and file sharing, possible e-safety scenarios and looking at a social media profile to ascertain risks. Each lesson has an activity plan with all the notes, activities and examples if needed, to support your child as they work through the activities.

These resources have been produced by ICO Schools Project, Childnet and Sabiha Munshi. 



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Session 1 - Personal Information

In this activity children will understand what is meant by ‘personal information’ and what this means in the digital world.


Session 2 - Personal Information 2

In this activity children will consider the personal information that might be appropriate to provide to a given person.  

Session 3 - Perfect Passwords

In this activity children will increase their personal security online in this session through recognising and creating strong and...

Session 4 - E Safety Scenario Cards

In this activity children will discuss the dangers of online situations and think of ways to avoid these. 

There are a set of e-safety scenario cards in the downloadable files. This is a chance for anyone in your household to be joining in and discussing the impact. Remember your SMART rules when staying...