Year 4 ACCEL Rolls-Royce

These resources have been created for Year 4 pupils in line with the LKS2 science, maths, computing, art and design technology curriculum.



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Year 4 Activity Overview

Rolls Royce has produced this series of practical STEAM activities for Year 4 pupils. Within the collection there is an art and design, engineering, maths, science and technology activity which can be used to enhance existing pupil knowledge or to teach a key area of the LKS2 Science, Maths, Design Technology or...

Orphism, Simultanism Movement

In this activity pupils will learn about, and experiment with, contrasting colours and geometric shapes to create a final piece inspired by ‘aeroplane paraphernalia’. Pupils will have the opportunity to improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing, painting and sculpture and to discuss the...

Pneumatics and Hydraulics

In this activity, pupils will explore a how pneumatics and hydraulics work by experimenting with syringes and water. Pupils will then have the opportunity to design and make their own plane incorporating a pneumatic system. This resource is part of a series of STEAM activities produced by Rolls Royce and it covers...

Propeller Investigation

This maths activity will give children the opportunity to explore thrust by creating windmills and recording data from test flights. Pupils will accurately measure, compare and record numbers in a group activity and further their understanding through key questions. This resource is part of a series of STEAM...