Year 2 ACCEL Rolls-Royce

These resources have been created for Year 2 pupils in line with the KS1 science, maths, computing, art and design technology curriculum.



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Year 2 Activity Overview

This series of practical STEAM activities have been produced by Rolls Royce for Year 2 pupils. Within the collection there is an art and design, engineering, maths, science and technology activity which can be used to enhance existing pupil knowledge or to teach a key area of the KS1 Science, Maths, Design...

Levers, Wheels and Axels

This STEAM activity gives pupils the opportunity to explore engineering through the design and creation of their own moving part aircraft. Pupils have the opportunity to work as part of a group to carefully design their own aircraft and think hard about how to create a moving propeller or a landing gear, before...

Loop the Loop

This STEAM activity gives pupils the opportunity to make and fly loop the loop planes, measure distance travelled appropriately and record data in a table. This maths activity gives pupils the chance to apply their existing understanding of data collection as well as being an introduction to the topic. This is a...

Everyday Materials

This science activity gives pupils the opportunity to test everyday materials in the real life context of designing and make a plane. Pupils are given the chance to test on a range of materials and sort them into groups based on which part of a plane they would be most suited to. This resource is part of a series...