Year 1 ACCEL Rolls-Royce

These resources have been created for Year 1 pupils in line with the KS1 science, maths, computing, art and design technology curriculum.



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Year 1 Activity Overview

This series of practical STEAM activities have been produced by Rolls Royce for Year 1 pupils. Within the collection there is an art and design, engineering, maths, science and technology activity which can be used to enhance existing pupil knowledge or to teach a key area of the KS1 Science, Maths, Design...

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This STEAM activity gives pupils the opportunity to explore recycling through the creation of paper planes. Pupils will draw on their knowledge of everyday materials and drawing, painting and sculpture to develop and share ideas as well as learning about the work of a range of artists. In order to get the most out...

Sliders, Wheels and Axels

This STEAM activity gives pupils the opportunity to explore engineering through the design and creation of their own moving part aircraft. Pupils have the opportunity to work as part of a group to carefully design their own aircraft and think hard about how to create moving sliders, wheels and axels, before...

All Systems Checked

This activity introduces pupils to algorithms and gives them the opportunity to create and debug simple programmes using bee-bots. Throughout the three activities pupils will be taught that algorithms are clear step-by-step instructions before programming a bee-bot to follow their own inventive algorithms to reach...