Maths challenges linked to the construction industry

This collection of resources provide maths challenges for students, set in the context of construction.



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Measuring in 3D

This maths in construction resource asks students to measure their classroom and make costing calculations. It also includes careers links to Quantity Surveying.

Pythagoras' Theorem in Construction

This maths in construction resource looks at Pythagoras’ Theorem and the importance of right angles in construction. The activity is supplemented by worksheet-based calculations and links to careers in Quantity Surveying and Construction Site Manager.

Quantity Surveyor A Day in the Office

This maths in construction resource explores some common maths that a Quantity Surveyor uses while at work—most commonly to do with calculating areas and assessing the cost of a project. The session includes a group activity where students work together to calculate the costs of paint that would be needed for a...

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