This collection of resources has been developed to support the teaching of technical textiles. Each resource is inspired by space, providing information, experiments and discussion points for each of the technical textiles.



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Technical textiles: teacher notes

These teacher notes will guide you through the collection of resources created for space-inspired technical textiles. Including:

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Technical textiles: introduction to technical textiles

This resources provides students with an introduction to the topic of technical textiles. It provides an overview of what technical textiles are and why we might use them for different products. The specific classifcations of technical textiles...

Technical textiles: composites

This resource provides slides, discussion activities and experiments to help increase student understanding of composites. The composites it focuses on are glass reinforced plastic, carbon fibre, concrete, wood and textile laminates.

Technical textiles: Kevlar

This resource supports student understanding of the properties and uses of Kevlar. It explores why designers might choose to use it,  some examples of products that are made from Kevlar, and suggests ways of using Kevlar in the classroom.


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