Space biology

Space biology looks at life in space from several perspectives: how it began, where it might be, and the effects of space as a rather extreme habitat on humans and other life.



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Relative size activity cards


Space is huge and understanding magnitude of numbers is vital. Print and use these 25 cards to sort in order of size, from the width of DNA to the distance from Earth to the Andromeda galaxy.

Beginnings of life

These articles explore how life on earth began, consider the importance of carbon in our biology and whether there might be an alternative.  

Ethics of space biology

Four big issues:

  • The case for human space flight
  • Who owns space?
  • Should we really put anything into space?

Genetic selection for screening astronauts and the implications

Experimenting in space

Exploiting the lack of gravity in experiments carried out in space can yield information that might take much longer to find on earth on earth, but how is it achieved?