The Cell

The cell is the building block of life. Each of us starts from a single cell, a zygote, and grows into a complex organism made of trillions of cells. In this issue, we explore what we know – and what we don’t yet know – about the cells that are the basis of us all and how they reproduce, grow, move, communicate and die.



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The cell poster

We all share something amazing in common – that we developed from a single sperm and egg to become complicated, sophisticated organisms, made of trillions of cells. But what are these cells like and how do they vary from one tissue to another?

This poster gives a flavour of the complex make-up of a...

Annotated cell diagram

Annotated diagram of a eukaryotic cell explaining what the organelles of an animal cell do.

What’s in that cell card game

These cards help students to compare and contrast the four major types of cells (plant, animal, fungal, bacterial). You could use them as simple revision cards or print out two sets and play a top trumps or happy...

Basics of the cell

This article addresses the basics of cells and cellular processes