Although they provide immense benefits, drugs aren't a perfect solution: they can be expensive, they only help a proportion of patients, sometimes they harm us, and we’re not very good at taking them as we should. These articles help us investigate what part pharmaceuticals play in modern life and ask where we might go in the future.



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Attitudes and beliefs

Drugs to treat diseases have transformed our expectations of health. But are there instances when we should be wary? Just because we can create a drug, is it right to use it?

Health and safety

How can we be sure drugs and treatments are safe? Explore how drugs are tested and consider the ethical questions that are raised when tests fail.

Making a drug

Find out how drugs are made, tested and trialled. Learn about the role of technology and simulation in drug making.

What do drugs do

How do drugs work, what do they target in our cells, and how does understanding this enable us to find other agents to combat disease?


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