What do you have to consider when designing satellites? And what mathematics is involved?

This collection of resources aims to help students discover the answers to these questions and more. Each resource contains a range of student activities and teacher guidance, covering content most suitable for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students.



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The Mathematics of Satellite Design - Coolant tank, fuel tank and engine design

All the resources listed here are aimed at the age group 14 to 16, except for the "Space for Engine" resource. 

Coolant tank design

Making efficient use of physical space and of materials is a central theme of many engineering problems. In this challenge students...

The Mathematics of Satellite Design - Origami

Origami with squares

Solar panels are an important part of satellite design. There are design constraints on the distance a panel can be from the core of the satellite. In order to increase the area of the panels, satellites of the future may well deploy panels other than rectangular ones....