Jet Suit STEM Resources

This suite of resources consists of informative posters, using the context of the Jet Suits, to cover a number of topics from Newton’s Laws and forces, through combustion and energy transfer, to human biology and 3D printing. 

Gravity Industries Ltd. designs, builds and flies Jet Suits.  The Jet Suits include five gas turbine jet engines, generating 144kg of thrust to allow vertical lift and human propulsion.




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The Gravity Jet Suit uses purely thrust from the jet engines to create lift.  This resource explains the aerodynamics of flight, including thrust, life, drag and weight for aircraft.

Gas turbines

The Gravity Jet Suits use five small gas turbines to create enough lift for a human to fly.  This resource explains how the gas turbines work, and how this relates to Boyle's Law.

Newton's laws

This resource looks at Newton's First and Second Laws and how they relate to the Gravity Jet Suit.


The Gravity Flight Suit uses kerosene as a fuel.  This resource explains the combustion of another hydrocarbon, methane, and the conditions needed for combustion of a fuel.