In these videos, from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), scientists talk about what their jobs entail and what they enjoy most about their chosen career.



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Dr Michael Pocock - ecologist

An ecologist is a biologist who studies the relationship between organisms and their environment. A Levels: Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Maths

Dr Caroline Nichol - environmental physicist

Scottish Higher Qualifications: English, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Economics

Dr Matt Horstwood - geologist

Geosciences, or geology, are the scientific study of the structure, evolution and dynamics of the earth and its natural resources. A Levels: Biology, Geology, Chemistry

Jamie Hannaford - hydrologist

Hydrologists are principally involved in monitoring, managing and conserving the Earth's freshwater resources. They study the quantity, trends and implications of freshwater in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, aquifers and glaciers. They also monitor and analyse rainfall. A Levels: Geography, History, Physics