Grand Challenge 4: Future Mobility

How we get around is changing. This resource collection explores how technology advances are improving transport to make it safer, cleaner and better connected.





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Introduction to the Grand Challenge resources


Hydrogen Powered Cars

As the need to find alternative cleaner forms of energy increases, scientists are looking to technologies, such as Hydrogen Fuel Cells (HFCs), as a power source for transportation.

This Catalyst article explains how hydrogen and oxygen gas can be used in a redox reaction to produce electricity, and the...

Car Wars

In this activity students are about to get their first car. They also imagine that increased carbon dioxide emissions have led to huge financial incentives to buy renewable fuels. Filling stations provide hydrogen and biodiesel fuels, and recharging points for electric cars are commonplace. Students are presented...

Solar Car

In this activity, students explore the questions: What are the main sources of air pollution? What is the impact of transport emissions on air pollution and the natural environment? What can we do to reduce air pollution coming from transport? To what extent can emissions be reduced if solar powered cars instead of...