Grand Challenge 3: Clean Growth

Heating and powering buildings accounts for 40% of our total energy usage in the UK. This resource collection explores how smart technologies can cut household energy bills, reduce demand for energy and reduce our carbon footprint.



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Clean Growth resource package

Introduction to the Grand Challenge resources



This video uses a comparison between an LED light and filament bulb to introduce efficiency (η). 

The equation, %efficiency (η) = (useful energy out/total energy in) x100 is explained and then linked to rate of energy transfer (P=E/t).

Tesco Engineering Energy-Efficient Stores

Mark Hawker, IMechE Fellow and Head of Engineering Design for Tesco Property Services, discusses the construction and operation of their energy-efficient sustainable concept store. The film looks at the different aspects of engineering involved in transforming a plot of land into a store whilst reducing its...

Career Clips: Energy Efficiency and Architecture

From the Institute of Physics, this six minute film showcases the use of physics in the design of energy-efficient buildings. It follows the work of an architect's office and shows how an understanding of heat transfer and thermal insulation is applied in the design of modern buildings. In addition to...