Quantum Technology

The UK is at the forefront of research into Quantum Technology, where physics pushes the cutting edge of technological innovation. 

These resources, from the UK National Quantum Technologies programme, bring a-level physics and computer science bang up-to-date. Students will see how the physics they learn about, and the practical activities they carry out, directly relate to future careers. 

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Practical use of diffraction gratings include emission spectra as well as explorations of the wave-particle nature of light and the interference patterns that emerge.



Quantum computers will revolutionise secure communications, and will make some current encryption methods obsolete. This activity, takes in cutting-edge research at the UK Quantum Technology hubs...


Satellite navigation is a key technology for today’s society, allowing for global navigation on land, at sea and in the air. The technology depends upon accurate atomic clocks, which help us...

Laser cooling

Lasers can be used to heat things up, and also to cool them down. Using carefully tuned lasers, scientists in the UK quantum technology hubs are able to slow atoms down to just a few centimetres per...