Life cycle assessment

A collection of resources collated for the Design and Technology GCSE, to support the teaching of the basic principles in carrying out a life cycle assessment for a material or product.



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Where's the impact?

This resource looks at life-cycle analysis and how it is used to work out the environmental impact of different products.

Product impacts: life cycle analysis

Produced by Practical Action, these materials help students to consider the impacts of a product through its whole life cycle. A presentation describes the concept of lifecycle analysis (LCA) and gives some examples. Students are then challenged to consider the life cycle of familiar products, from raw materials,...

What is a life cycle assessment?

In this lesson students will gain an understanding of what a life cycle assessment is and how it can be used to assess the environmental impact of the manufacture and use of different materials and products. Students will understand the five main stages of a life cycle analysis through both a diagram and supporting...

Product life cycle assessment

 In this lesson students will use case studies of what a life cycle assessment is and how/why they are carried out.  Students will also gain an understanding of how a life cycle assessment can be misused. Learning will be demonstrated by carrying out product evaluations using LCAs on different products using...