Coaching Other Teachers

This collection of resources provides material to support the development of behaviour for learning strategies.


Confucius Quote

This Pedagogics resource uses the following quote from the Chinese philosopher Confucius: "Tell me...and I will forget. Show me... and I will remember. Involve me... and I will understand"

Dr Haim Ginott Quote

This Pedagogics resource displays a quote from Dr Haim Ginott entitled "I have come to a frightening conclusion".

Alternative Provision

The aim of this Ofsted survey was to analyse the elements of successful alternative provision. Alternative provision has been defined as education outside school, arranged by local authorities or schools. For the purpose of this survey, alternative provision was defined as something in which a young person...

Children Missing from Education

The aim of this survey was to evaluate the effectiveness of actions taken by local authorities in relation to children and young people who are missing from education or in danger of becoming so. It considers whether legislation and guidance support the local authorities effectively in protecting and educating them...


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