EO Detective

Astronauts have been taking photographs of the Earth from space for over 50 years and Earth Observation scientists have used satellite images for a similar amount of time.

The EO Detective activities aim to demonstrate how a vantage point in space, such as the International Space Station, provides a unique perspective from which people can monitor environmental processes and change.



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EO Detective 7-11

Aimed at primary learners, these resources link to aspects of mathematics, geography, science and computing.The activities use early astronaut photographs to encourage children to think about what features on the Earth look like from space, and satellite images to enable students to measure the growth of a city and...

EO Detective 11-14

These resources link to elements of the geography, while supporting aspects of science, maths and computing. Using early astronaut photographs, and more recent satellite images, they provide opportunities to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using each method for remote sensing. The main activity is based...

EO Detective 14-16

These resources use real satellite data from different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum to provide an introduction to scientific image processing techniques. They link to elements of GCSE science specifications as well as supporting aspects of the curriculum for...

Colour in the Earth

This resource provides activities that link in which geography at primary level, using images of cities and Islands around the World taken from Space. These images taken by Tim Peake, support children in recognising human and natural features from an aerial view. They develop their understanding of maps and keys/...


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